Sunday, July 31, 2005

Jahrzeit für josefinek

Almost exactly a year ago, my friend and colleague Jessica went missing. After people searched frantically for her for days, she was found, having died accidentally and tragically (in the original Greek sense of the word, not in the superficial way it is used promiscuously today).

I am in a very pensive mood today, as I remember her. She was dangerously smart, wickedly funny, and very kind to me, especially during a medical emergency while we were traveling to a conference in Utah, and for the surgery afterwards. She was also complex and mercurial, and there were problems toward the end, which I don't want to either gloss over, nor dwell on, because people I care about got really hurt in the aftermath--but she was also a fiercely loyal friend who stood by me when I most needed it. I am grateful that I got the opportunity to know her, for however short a time it was.

Godspeed, Josefine K.


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