Monday, October 20, 2008


Please do not adjust your screen. The problem is not in your computer.

(It's that my camera isn't suited for macrophotography. One of these days, I'll get one with a macro lens, especially as the invertebrate and phyto worlds pull me ever closer inward.)

Emma's fruit garden yielded a lot of currants this year, and I got quite a lot for making jams this winter. One thing led to another, and it was a week or so after I picked them that I got around to cleaning and freezing them.

When I pulled the currants out of the fridge, two corpses were discovered:

Like I said, it's a really crappy photo, but I couldn't seem to get a clearer one--pulling back a little led to weird reflections off the bowl. But maybe this is enough to confirm or rule out the guess that they may be katydids.

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