Thursday, June 30, 2005

Got thyroid?

Apparently, you can take the girl out of Alabama, but you can't take Alabama out of the girl.

Isadora has allergies (not cat allergies, we hope, since she is one!), so we took her to the vet today for treatment. While we were there, we met the clinic cat. In addition to being black, he has exactly the same air as our Diana as well, who is taking thyroid medicine to control an overactive thyroid, a condition which often affects older cats. It is a look which is scruffy but not totally randomly scruffy--like the fur is partly cleaned, but not totally, and the oil is causing it to form lots of tiny semi-clumps.

I was so surprised at seeing a cat who looked so much in every way like Diana that I blurted out "That cat got thyroid?"

Yes, I am a PhD candidate in a major university's School of Medicine. I grew up hearing medical vocabulary from my physician mother. I am well-versed in the latest literature on feline hyperthyroidism, since I am treating a cat living with the condition. Yet with all of that lexical overlay, under surprise, I revert to the language I heard around me growing up: "That cat got thyroid?"

I guess I should just be grateful she doesn't have "high blood" as well.


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