Saturday, August 06, 2005

It ain't pretty

But it is finished (and it was loads of fun, too!). The reason I got such a great deal on my room in Philly is that it involves a modicum of house, pet, and yard work--and today I got the nerve to get on the riding mower for the first time and tackle the lawn.

It was a blast, zipping along in 3rd gear playing Hank Hill, although the yard looks like the horticultural equivalent of an amateur haircut. But it is serviceable, and I learned some lessons for next time.

It was more Sorcerer's Apprentice than Martha Stewart, though--after an initial success, I tackled a hill that, in retrospect, was probably too advanced. Despite what I've heard, I think it is possible to tip over a riding mower--not that I did, but the going was a little dicey on that hill. But no disasters, the lawn overgrowth from our recent rains is gone, and I'm that special kind of tired that is infused with a sense of accomplishment.

Not having a car, I'm tempted to re├źnact The Straight Story and drive into Philly this weekend, but I probably better not.


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