Monday, September 26, 2005

"Looking at the Literature in Massage Research" students from AMTA conference--promised PowerPoint

Hi, all--

2 things:

1) I am returning to Philly today (Monday), and within a couple of days will get the promised PowerPoint and PDFs put up. I didn't have time to do it here, because the system administrator for my web page isn't available on the weekend, and he's got some kind of anti-hacker protection set up where I can't upload from strange locations. So by the time he and I coordinate this, given my flight schedule and the time zone difference, it will be a day or so. Look for the promised lit no later than Thursday.

2) Rather than putting it here, as I initially suggested--which, typical of a personal blog, is a very unfocused space, where you would have to pick through cat pictures, and personal gossip to find it--I decided to create a dedicated space to post the lit, and, if there is interest, to continue our discussion. So the blog address I gave you in the workshop comes here, and you're welcome to check out my personal blog, if you're interested. If you're only here for the literature, you should go to Massage Journal Club to get the promised literature no later than Thursday. Just click the name to be redirected there; you don't need to retype the URL.

Thanks for a great workshop, guys! Four hours sitting in a classroom on a Friday afternoon talking about introductory statistics had the potential to really bog down, but you were engaged, attentive, and asked great questions the whole time. I couldn't have asked for a better session.


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