Saturday, March 18, 2006

We shall see

The blur that has been the last two months has paid off in academic writing, at least--I've got the following submissions out for different conferences. In a few weeks, I'll learn whether any or all of them is accepted.

"A Graphical User Interface for a Comparative Anatomy Information System: Design, Implementation and Usage Scenarios"

"Bearly Different? An Application of the Structural Difference Method to an Ursine Reproductive Conservation Initiative"

"The Evolution of Medical Massage in the Research Literature: A Bibliometric Analysis of Publication Trends in Journal Articles"

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On this last trip to Michigan, I got an amusing twist on being stuck in front of a screaming child. The family seated behind me was Francophone, so I got to practice my French while listening to the parents try (and fail) to get the situation under control.

It was a 4-hour flight, so I'll provide only a few snippets from my intensive language review:

"Descend! Tout de suite!" ("Get down! Right now!")

"On ne joue pas avec ça ; tu vas les casser." ("That's not to be played with; you're going to break it.")

"Ça, ce n'est pas gentil." ("That's not nice.")

and my hands-down, absolute favorite:

"Tu as besoin d'un (Do you need a) time-out?"

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Where did February go?

Wow--this is my first post since January 16th. I knew I hadn't blogged anything in a few weeks, but I wouldn't have guessed that it had been that long.

Dissertation work, various bear data tasks, two conference papers and a third abstract, developing a course in informatics for infectious disease, presenting at two meetings of our local Massage Journal Club, a death in the (extended) family, invitation to and preparation for a talk in Michigan, and taking my Philadelphia landlady (LL) around town while she was visiting--it's been a total blur for the last two months.

At least I've been doing a lot of writing, if not blogging: I got some very good advice, from someone I really respect, to make writing for publication as regular a habit as working out (ok, that's 2 habits to work on now :P), and I can see that it's paying off. Now let's see if I can develop a balance among different kinds of writing, where I don't neglect my blog for weeks on end.

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