Friday, July 03, 2009

Spencer the cat

Spencer gave me a little bit of a scare. I've been so busy getting up and running this quarter (notably organic chem and biochem, but also nutrition and A&P, all in an abbreviated summer quarter), that I've kind of been letting anything that can run on autopilot do so.

Cats are good at taking care of themselves, as long as everything's going right, so outside of opening the window for him to look out of, Spencer and I hadn't had a lot of interaction this week. So when he was lying on the floor in front of me, looking emaciated, I had an awful jolt of concern that he was sick, augmented by guilt that I hadn't been paying him much attention this week.

My concerns were dispelled when I picked him up, however, and it turned out just to be a trick of the angle he was lying at. Carl Sagan famously declared "We are star stuff"; by all indications, Spencer, the little mesomorph, is neutron-star stuff.

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At 1:19 AM, Anonymous ide said...

He ain't heavy, he's my kitteh.


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