Friday, May 11, 2007

Is it mid-May already?

Good lord, but time flies. And some of it's even been fun.

In a way, I'm surprised to find I haven't posted since late last year. But really, with all that went on, I can see it, too--we were out of the house twice due to weather/electrical outages, Mr. Raven became unemployed twice through no fault of his own, we had a kitty melamine emergency (with a happy outcome, unlike one of our friend's poor cat :( ... ), and some other stressful things happened that are all a blur now.

On the other hand, I got a job I love; I received a pilot grant for a translational knowledge capture initiative; and I went to Vegas for the first time for a workshop and saw a pair of fossas (fossae?)! I went to Berkeley for the first time ever, although it's not what Bob and Dorothy remember. I went to Chicago twice and saw the sun bears and other animals both times. I'm in negotiations with a publisher besides myself on possibly publishing my research methods book. I translated quite a bit of pedagogical, scientific, and statistical material into French for my friend's non-profit for Haitian teachers, and the result looks very nice! And I finished another stained glass piece. So there is definitely a lot of good among the intensity of the last six months, too.

I'm not sure why it got so long since I wrote--I had so much to write about, too. But I've noticed that some other bloggers I really like have taken a hiatus, some temporary, some maybe permanent. I am not sure why--maybe it really does take more out of us than it seems to. In any case, rather than once again making some big promises that I can't/don't keep about how often I'll write, this time, I'll just see what happens.

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