Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pushing through the fear

1. Getting back on the bicycle again, and biking down to Redmond on wet roads. Mr. thalarctos managed to break his humerus and rotate it half out of the shoulder joint crashing on a wet road once, and I've been a little phobic ever since getting hit at a nearby intersection. So I made myself ride in the rain today, even though it was a little scary. Normally, I hit 25 mph going down the trail; today, I kept it to 15. I learned something today--once you're cold enough, you forget about scared. But I have to admit it was nice when I got down to the trail by Marymoor/Bear Creek, and saw the rain falling on the slough. It made up for all the phobia, and then some.

2. Making the sale--talking to potential donors, lenders, and purchasers about money. I was raised not to talk about money, nor to know very much about it at all. But in order to have the life I want, I am going to have to be independent and entrepreneurial, which means getting past those anxieties, and talking to people about money: donating to support my research, lending to get my continuing education business started, and buying products and services. I did a lot of that today, and it wasn't easy at all. But I hope/think that tomorrow, it may not be quite so hard as it was today.



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