Thursday, June 11, 2009

Old school

Ok, I know this has a real risk of coming across as a "you kids get off of my lawn" post, but still...

At 51, I'm returning to school for nursing-school prerequisites as different as chemistry, developmental psychology, statistics, and nutrition. Today in chemistry, we learned the theoretical basis of pH, and the instructor started off by introducing the concept of logarithms. Yes, introducing.

For all my complaints about high school, I have to say they gave me a good pre-calculus grounding. Logarithms, trigonometry, Boolean algebra--all these things I take for granted, until I run into college students taking classes with me who haven't been exposed to them. And I mean pre-professional students to whom these are new concepts.

Thank you, Huffman High School, and Gary Harper of the math team. I really appreciate the foundation in mathematics you saw to it that I took away with me.

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