Monday, November 03, 2008

A part of history


I am so excited! I feel like I used to as a child on Christmas Eve, too excited to sleep, and can't wait for tomorrow.

I am old enough to remember, growing up in Alabama, segregation, protests, and the civil rights movement. Now, tomorrow, I am going to get to cast my vote for President for a smart, serious, and principled candidate, who happens to be African-American AND the nominee of one of the two major political parties.

I had really thought it would not occur in my lifetime, that I would have to be long dead before such a thing could happen here, because the attitudes I saw growing up were so hardened I couldn't imagine them unfreezing in my time on this planet. I am so happy to be wrong about that.

History is going to be made tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to being one small part of it.

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