Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cat nurse

Isadora is doing a little better. She came home for the weekend, since our vet is not a 24/7 emergency clinic, and the vet wanted her to get hands-on care Saturday and Sunday. She's been receiving intravenous fluids, which I'm not qualified to administer, but I can give her subcutaneous fluids twice a day for two days, as well as syringe-feeding her, before I take her back in Monday.

Yesterday, she was quite passive; today, as big a pain in the ass as it it, I'm glad to see her resisting the fluids and syringe, as it means she has more strength than she did have. I got 15cc of cat food slurry (warm A/D dissolved in water) down her yesterday, and 20cc this morning. Additionally, she had 300mL Ringer's lactate yesterday, 150mL this morning, and I'm planning another 150ml tonight and once again early in the morning before taking her back in to resume the IV.

Her creatinine, while still sucky, is trending the right direction (down--it's now 3 times what it should be instead of 6 times); we think the BUN is probably doing so as well, but it's still so high it's out of range of the clinic's machine, so we can't know for sure. The vet thinks that if she can shake this upper-respiratory infection, then she's got a good prognosis for managing her kidney disease. We've got to get her through this crisis first, though, and while I do see a little progress, Isadora's still got a long way to go.

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