Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I was going to post something for Veterans Day, but it will have to be another time. Today was not a good day. I'll let Mr. thalarctos explain:

Simon, the black male kitty we got as a fill-in companion for Andy after Bear passed away, didn't make it. He was fine for a few months, but then something happened--we don't know what, possibly something kidney related, given the aberrant blood chemistry involved--and he just began spiralling down after that point. By the time we took him back to the vet today (after a sort of "hiding" incident last night), he was under 5 pounds. He would eat with gusto when he would eat, though usually not for very long at a time, and he seemed to have a great deal of energy--he certainly fought his saline treatments and pills well enough--but despite being a love kitty under normal circumstances it was clear that the ground was washing out below his surface, and eventually it would all just cave in rather abruptly. So we decided to let him go on a good day when he seemed to have a fair amount of energy and the ability to feel good enough to purr, once he'd calmed down from the drive to the vet. This just seems to get more tough every time, so it's likely we'll have no more replacements for a while--the last couple of adoptees have eaten far into my rather poor ability to live up to buddhist ideals of detachment from impermanence.

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