Sunday, April 09, 2006

A worthy cause: supporting community radio

I'm going to turn this spot over to Mr. Raven for an announcement for a very worthy cause--community/public radio. I'd just like to add my support to his appeal--please do what you can to support your local public radio station, whether or not it's Seattle/Bellevue KBCS, which is Mr. Raven's particular focus. Here's what you can find at KBCS.

From his current newsletter:

The other item on the evening's agenda is the semiannual KBCS membership drive. I know I don't have to lecture you on the importance of supporting community radio--not only does it bring you me every week (!), but more importantly it opens spaces for a wide array of interesting programming that's not viable on commercial radio, brought to you by volunteers who do so simply because they care about it. Now, I know many of you are not a position to contribute even moderate amounts to the health of some place like KBCS--I've certainly not yet bounced back from my lengthy unemployment, so I'm sympathetic. But I would like to ask you to contribute whatever you can to help support the work of the station. I'd much rather see every listener (or mailing list member, or whomever) ante up $5 than to get one big contribution. So think it over, and do what you can--with my thanks. The station's website is


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