Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pwof Ansanm's upcoming online auction

I'm the secretary of Pwof Ansanm, and I'm helping organize an upcoming online fund-raising auction to support educational initiatives in Haiti.

Who we are: from the mission statement at our site:

Pwof Ansanm is a network of educators who believe the role of education should be to empower individuals to improve their lives and communities. Pwof Ansanm was created in September 2004 as a non-profit, fully-volunteer organization registered in Pennsylvania. Pwof Ansanm promotes cooperative initiatives that address educational needs, and supports establishing community groups that assume responsibility for their own educational development. Pwof Ansanm Haiti was officially recognized in 2007 by the Ministry of Social Affairs. PAH will design projects independently but also evaluate, develop, and monitor programs that are supported by Pwof Ansanm. They will play a principal role in establishing links with the educational community in Haiti.

(From our latest newsletter)

"For the past few years, Pwof Ansanm has financed projects with grants specific for each project. All of the money raised has gone directly into support of those programs.

In the future, we are going to build a small financial reserve in order to stimulate new projects and to sponsor small initiatives without the need to write grants. This money will also provide support for operations of our sister organization, Pwof Ansanm Haiti.

We welcome items for donation to the auction---and certainly we would like you to participate in the fun part—--buying!

Please check our website in mid-October to see what marvelous items we will be putting up for auction."

We have some really nice pieces that people have donated to us, and Jesse (our web guy) is putting together a web site that will highlight them. More information here and at the Pwof Ansanm site as we finish putting it together.


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