Sunday, September 30, 2007

My sweet lords: prologue

It's cool; we're all mammals here--not like it's LiveJournal or anything.

The bear exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo is named "Lords of the Arctic" after the polar bears; no word yet on how the (South American) spectacled bears or the American black bears of the temperate zone feel about that name.

I have *tons* of photogenic carnivore photos to reduce in size and post over the next week or so; for now, since it's travel day, I'll just hint at it by saying that the bears were so active and engaging that I wouldn't have been totally surprised if they'd put on top hats, grabbed their canes, and done a little tap-dance for me.

I also have cats and other animal pictures to post.

Overheard at the zoo:

"I promise you, that is NOT an earwig!"


"No, it's NOT a snake coming for you; she [i.e., me] just rustled a little bamboo by accident.". (Further conversation with the parents revealed this had been a recurring theme all day; the boy was intensely snake-phobic, and was convinced snakes lurked in every nook and cranny. My coming up beside them and bumping into some overhanging bamboo just about made the poor boy jump out of his skin.)


"No, you can't be bad to the animals here, because it's their home. If they came to our home, you could...", (obviously not liking the implications of where this conversation was going, and rethinking on the fly, "...put them outside so they could go back to their own habitat.".

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