Sunday, September 30, 2007

A living national treasure

So now that Dad's retired, he's got more time to pursue his craft of making wooden bowls.

He's learned from many sources, and one of them is actually a living national treasure---William McClure makes Appalachian bowls, and has one in the Smithsonian.

Dad took me and Mom out to meet him and his wife. They're a sweet old couple, with a house full of crafts. I think they said he's 82 years old; I'll verify that when I get home. They were very welcoming, even though we had dropped in on them with no warning--they are very hospitable, and seemed to enjoy the company.

Dad played a little practical joke when he introduced me--he said he'd brought his city-girl daughter-in-law over to meet him, "because she didn't believe there were any Democrats in this county". He laughed delightedly, sprang over to a nearby table, and snatched up a photograph to show me. Laughing and wheezing through his emphysema, he showed me a picture of Bill Clinton shaking his hand at a reception, and said, "Two...Slick Willies!".

This is Dad and Mr. McClure, Mrs. McClure, and Mom:

Then we moved outside, and he and Dad swapped stories for a while.

More later; I've got to get ready to go to the airport now. In the meantime, here are some of Dad's bowls.

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