Monday, May 05, 2008

Sweet little scene

So I was returning the car I rented over the weekend to the rental agency in the mall, and while I was waiting for the clerk, I looked across the street. Three white guys in suits, strolling down the sidewalk, sipping coffee and chatting. Nothing unusual there--until they got to the break between two parked cars, and there was a mother goose and 4 half-grown goslings, walking along between them.

I was concerned that the guys would turn at the corner, going to wherever they were headed, leaving the goose and her goslings to proceed straight across the busy street to a large field, where nothing business-related was located where they could be on the way to. I was just getting ready to run out the door to stop oncoming traffic, but no worries.

Wherever the guys in suits were headed, it wasn't so urgent that they couldn't walk the family across the street. One guy flagged down cars, and then they all walked across the street together, as cars in both directions stopped until they were past. They helped the goslings up over the curb, before parting ways, and the family waddled safely into the field. Last I saw them, they were heading toward the creek.

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